April - Shark Awareness Month

Happy April. As we get ready for Spring and Summer - and more people get ready to head to the beach - it's the perfect time for Shark Awareness. To help out - Status Adventures is offering Sharks: Knights of the Sea for the Special Price of $14.99. You'll learn about Tiger Sharks - Great White Sharks and Lemon Sharks. It's our most important adventure yet!

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Status Adventures had a great year in 2007. We’d like to thank the team at Shark Diving International and Jim Abernathy SCUBA Adventures.

Special thanks to Great White Shark Expert and Expedition Leader Lawrence Groth - and Tiger Shark Expert and Expedition Leader Jim Abernathy. These two are devoting their lives to helping us all understand sharks.

Jim and Lawrence took us so close to sharks. The images we brought home are incredible. We feel privileged to have spent this time with sharks - and we can’t wait to get back in the water again.

Conservation is critical. The threat against sharks is real.

I was working on a project in San Francisco - and I came across a menu item for a $50.00 bowl of shark fin soup.

tiger shark

The menu item might as well been for a $50.00 bowl of Golden Retriever Dog Leg Soup.

Tell your friends, family - tell your children - we all need to fight for sharks.

To pull these animals out of the water - cut off their fins and then dump them back in the water.... folks it's a brutal waste.

Status Productions, Status Adventures and Captain.com promise we will do everything we can in 2008 to bring you images -- images that will help everyone respect and appreciate these awesome animals.

George C. Schellenger
Executive Producer
Status Productions / Status Adventures / CaptainJon.com


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The Smiling Great White Shark
by George C. Schellenger

We traveled to the Island of Guadalupe, 160 miles off the coast of Baja, California, to work on our next adventure for Captain Jon (Sharks: A Captain Jon Adventure). Guadalupe, home of Great White Sharks

It’s a 21-hour boat ride to the island and the weather was rough. As we made our way, we spenttime learning about the island and the creatures who live there.

The island itself is like a giant rock in the ocean. The northern side reaches an altitude of 4,200 feet. It’s volcanic in origin and a perfect oasis for wildlife.

It’s home to birds, yellowfin tuna and many marine mammals including the elephant seal and the fur seal. The marine mammals attract a large population of great white sharks.

seals at Guadalupe, home of Great White Sharks

On the second day at the island, the sharks were swimming all around the boat. I’ll never forget jumping into the cage and seeing a 14-foot shark swim by.

The captain of the boat put speakers in the water so we could listen to music while we waited for the sharks. It was a mystical experience listening to the theme from Jurassic Park and other music while watching these awesome animals.

While my brothers concentrated on video, I started taking still shots as the sharks passed.

At one point a shark turned and looked at me. I snapped a picture. When I got back to the boat and looked at the picture on my laptop, I realized the shark was smiling.

I showed it to my friends as I told them the about my adventure. Eventually, National Geographic used the shot for a story of great white sharks.great white shark in National Geographic

So now we're heading back to Guadalupe for a second time. We want to get closer to the Great White Sharks - and we'll be using some new equipment to do just that. The closer you can get to an animal especially the size and scope of the GWS - you tend to appreciate the animal even more.

great white shark

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